As I express to confess the emotions in my chest, and the thoughts on my mind is considerably no less than the truth, I’d love to use your body as a blank page and kiss poetry all over you,

Surely I can write a book with no words to speak, in silence I can hear your heart beat rapidly,

No words, no pictures, only the mental ones that’s going through your mind, imagination running wild, now you trying to slow down time,

Press rewind then pause for a second, so you can catch your breath, hit play, but don’t skip the last chapter it’s guarantee to be the best

Any request?

You want to feel these words go deeper than the rest?

I bet you do. I can feel the intensity building up while I’m reading you, carefully not to over look a word in this book cause I care for thee and the characters in this story acts just like you and me, facsimile, an effigy in intimacy, wake up in the morning feeling you next to me, confused instantly, thinking Ecstasy the book it has to be……If it was, I didn’t mind reading it with you, just as long as we can read pt.2



Miscommunication of words that are filled with love,
Turns into winding rivers that flows so effortlessly,
Trees that grows and stretches far and wide the eyes can no longer see,
Distance is in the air, from here to there your nothing but a breeze.

Carpe Diem!

Dear Me,

Yesterday has passed, will it be remembered? The warmth rays of sunlight in November…Oh, Fall is here again with September.

I believe I had lunch with Mother Earth, listened to her sing and watched her voice soothe restless trees as they played melodies with the breeze, until Father Time came home.

I wonder what will Tomorrow bring?

Oooh the choices we will make!

But I enjoy this…..



Carpe Deim

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